Cancer and Healing Prayer
20 Years of Grace
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Click on any of the links below to listen to audio samples of pieces of Emmie's book. Please make sure to turn up the volume on your computer to be able to hear the readings.

Introduction (0:56)

Christ's Provision for My Cancer: Beginning to Cope with Cancer (21:50)

Part Two: Conversations with the Lord Written during Treatment and Recovery: Conversation One (12:02)

Conversation 22: September 1982 (4:13)

Words of Explanation to Emmie's Granddaughter, Katie (0:51)

Christ's Provision through Phill (7:35)

Christ's Provision through Les (5:52)

Christ's Provision through My Husband (6:21)

Introduction to Part Three: Reflections after Twenty Years (3:14)

Unfinished reading of Reflection “Day by Day” (16:55)